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Issue 2, 2023


Winning as one

Working together as a joint force across the Nordics! That sounds great, but what does it really mean in practice? The Cost Leadership Program is tailored to combine our strengths to build a modern, high-performing business that is unbeatable in the future.

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Pushing boundaries

With our hundreds of offices, terminals, and hubs where thousands of employees work, we cover millions of square meters in our four countries. Welcome to our outposts!

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A design for life 

Our new uniform is a way for us to show that we care about each other. This is done through details that provide a better fit and increased comfort, but above all due to the fact that the uniform makes working safer. 

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Unlocking parcel lockers

They’re big, grey and blue and seem to pop up all over the place like mushrooms – parcel lockers are becoming well-known features of many of our Nordic cities. And there are more to come – many more.  

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Our green transition 

Ask the question “What is sustainability?” and you will get many answers. The answer to “What is Green by PostNord?" is much more straightforward. Green by PostNord is the Group’s program to transition to fossil-free transport and operations by 2030.  

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We’re electric

Today 28 percent of our total vehicle fleet is electrified – mainly e-bikes and light vehicles. Focus now is reaching the interim target: that PostNord’s entire fleet of vehicles in last mile is emission-free by 2027.

Change through cooperation

A fossil-free PostNord requires fossil-free transport providers. This can be achieved through procurement, knowledge sharing and working together.

The journey to a fossil-free future

Currently almost 40 percent of PostNord’s own vehicle fleet is fossil-free. Combined with electrification, biofuels form part of the solution to achieving completely fossil-free transport.