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People by PostNord

Pushing boundaries

With our hundreds of offices, terminals and hubs where thousands of employees work, we cover millions of square metres in our four countries. Welcome to our outposts! 

Our outposts / Karesuando

Karesuando: 68°26'26.2"N 22°29'11.5"E
Address: Laestadiusvägen 129, 986 31 Karesuando.
Employees: 1! 
Did you know: The house was built in the 60s and was previously used for many things: headquarters for both the police and the fire department, and also for dancing lessons.


I'm always here before eight o’clock. I turn on the coffee machine and wait for the mail to arrive. I work mostly by myself, but occasionally some part-time employees help me out. Life is very quiet here in Karesuando, and you don’t really meet that many people. But I enjoy being here alone, because I can do things my way, and nobody ever bothers me. I always say it only takes one good worker to do a good job!  

People from out of town are usually astonished by the natural surroundings and find Karesuando really beautiful. I’m used to it, though, because I see it every day. The office looks just like any other office, although I have the advantage of organizing everything the way I want it. I’ve been to the terminals in Kiruna and Umeå, and they are, of course, massive in comparison, but in general, it’s the same work that’s being done.  

I wouldn't say that I feel lonely here. Sure, sometimes during the workday I might ask myself a question out loud, but the best thing is that I never get a stupid answer.”


Our outposts / Hakkila

Hakkila: 60°17'52.8"N 25°05'23.5"E
Itäinen Valkoisenlähteentie 27, Hakkila, 01380 Vantaa.
About 200.
Did you know:
The Hakkila terminal is brand new, it opened in September 2022.

The first thing I see at the end of my 45-minute drive is the big PostNord sign on the wall of the Hakkila terminal building, now the largest PostNord terminal in Finland. On one side of the 15,000 m2 building are all the doors for vans carrying parcels and on the other, the doors for line hauls. Next to the parking lot are the doors to production and the office.  

Once inside, you’ll see the heart of the new terminal: a state-of-the-art sorting machine that can handle almost 10,000 parcels an hour. In the middle of the building, there’s a balcony from which you can watch the magic happen.  

The opening of the Hakkila terminal was a major step for our Finnish operations. The new terminal in the capital region brings more speed and automation to PostNord’s deliveries and enables an even better customer experience.  

We worked hard to prepare the move to the new terminal, and even if it was stressful, it was also a good learning experience for me. We prepared for a turbulent start, not uncommon when launching operations but everybody got used to the new terminal and new ways of working quite quickly.  

Since the move we’ve added some things to make the terminal cozier, like curtains and such, and it’s been exciting to see how fast the new terminal has become our new home.  


Our outposts / Bergen

Bergen: 60.218144"N 5.408775"E
Lyseklostervegen 290, 5215 Lysekloster.
Did you know:
The Bergen terminal is big, 6,700 square metres.

The new Postnord terminal in Bergen is large, structured, and well organized.

“Knowing that we have a good physical working environ-ment makes coming to work more of a pleasure,” says driver Renata Dioszegi.  

For the last two years, Renata has worked as a driver for PostNord/Paribil AS, and since March 2022 she has started her shift at the brand-new terminal in Os, outside Bergen in Norway. When she arrives at work, she encounters a lot of people, from terminal employees to managers.  

“No two days are the same – there’s always something going on, and that makes the job varied and exciting. The atmosphere at the terminal is always good. I don’t notice any difference when it comes to people’s status, as everyone knows their role and works hard to achieve the company’s goals. The new terminal is much larger than the old one, which allows us to work more efficiently. The building itself is also more organized and structured,” she says.  

After Renata has arrived at the terminal, she contacts her colleagues so she can plan her day.  

“I then get information on my route for the day and whether there are other special things going on that require my help. We have a clear, structured environment where we can trust each other and ask for help when we need it. This is certainly a big plus point,” she adds.   


Our outposts / Taulov

Taulov: 55°32'35.9"N 9°37'52.0"E
Stakkesvang 15, 7000 Fredericia.
About 300.
Did you know:
Of the six Danish terminals, Taulov is the second largest.

From the outside, Taulov Pakkecenter looks modern and a little timeless, but it’s one of the oldest terminals in Denmark – and one of the largest, when you consider how many parcels we handle every day. We’re probably one of the only terminals that still have people who manually turn the parcels, i.e. make sure they are facing the right way before they reach the sorting machines.  

I work in the evening and at night, so I usually start at 7 pm. I like to come in early so I have time to chat with colleagues about everything under the sun – about work and whatever is going on at home. Our terminal is staffed around the clock, except Saturdays, so there are always colleagues to talk to. 

If someone asks me what’s special about Taulov, I tell them it’s the way we work together. We’re good at helping each other out – if you’re alone in a ‘chute’ (where the parcels drop down from the sorting machines), there’s always a colleague who’s ready to step in and help you lift a heavy parcel.  

After all, we don’t only deliver what people purchase on a whim from the internet, we also handle birthday and Christmas gifts, which mean something special to people and need to arrive at a certain time. The feeling of helping out and making this happen is something very special.”