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Unlocking parcel lockers

They’re big, grey and blue and seem to pop up all over the place like mushrooms – parcel lockers are becoming well-known features of many of our Nordic cities. And there are more to come – many more.  

  1. Where parcel lockers are located in cities is usually determined by two factors: areas where people live and the distance to PostNord terminals. 
  2. In the countryside, parcel lockers are part of PostNord’s crucial community service. There, lockers are located close to places that a lot of people visit and gather around anyway, such as grocery stores.  
  3. In Denmark, parcel lockers were introduced as early as 2008 and they were quite popular from the start. But in Sweden, when parcel lockers first were piloted back in 2015, they were something of a flop. The main reason was a feeling of “Why should I pick up my parcel on the street instead of going to a staffed service point – surely that can’t be a secure solution?”.  
  4. One of the best things about parcel lockers is the sustainability aspect – instead of several vehicles delivering parcels to several different homes, it takes just one vehicle to make a delivery to a single location.  
  5. Other great things about parcel lockers are that many of them are located outdoors, so they’re made for really easy access – they’re accessible 24/7.  
  6. The lockers are made from sheet metal which is powder coated and striped. The grey color is chosen to be as neutral as possible, but at the same time making the lockers easy to find.  
  7. Not only are they sustainable, but parcel lockers are really consumer-friendly too. As a recipient, you can choose to pick up your parcel close to home, whenever you want. No need to keep tabs on service point opening hours!  
  8. In the end of 2024, we will have more than 11,800 PostNord parcel lockers in the Nordic region: 4,863 in Sweden, 3,800 in Denmark, 2,650 in Norway and 500 in Finland.


Text: Sofia Lundgren