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People by PostNord

A design for life

Our new uniform is a way for us to show that we care about each other. This is done through details that provide a better fit and increased comfort, but above all due to the fact that the uniform makes working safer. 

When designing the new uniform, the needs and wishes of those who wear the clothes every day had a big impact. For example, the trousers now are more comfortable and have a better fit, thanks to them having shaped knees, stretch in the bottom area and hidden elastic on the inside of the waistband. In order to accommodate for comfort when driving, the jackets have been made longer and wider, so that they don’t ride up and they also provide better protection around the neck than before. Also, the jacket pockets are now easier to open and close.  

The Postnord Identity

The clothes are another way of tying together the expression in the PostNord Group’s visual  

identity. The two shades of blue used are our main colors and the hi-vis fluorescent color is an interpretation of the coral accent color from our new visual identity. The visual identity is visable chiefly in the color choices, as well as in a sportier, more functional design than before. We also use the PostNord logo more and in larger format; it’s used in reflectors and on the back of our jackets, so people can easily see where we are from.   

Hi-vis and reflectors

Today, most of PostNords mail carriers are also couriers and increasingly operate in traffic, so the uniforms must be highly visible. Based on the EU’s requirements for visibility in traffic and rules, a hi-vis color is used on the clothing. The unique coral was carefully created and it’s usually placed near the top of the garments, to be as visible as possible in traffic. Another important part of the uniform is the reflectors. There are two bands of unbroken reflectors, as well as reflectors on the shoulder area. 

Durability and choice of material   

Our clothing must withstand many days of work but impact the environment as little as possible. The clothes must last a long time, be dirt-repellent and not lose color or shape when washed. To prevent unnecessary washing, the dark blue color is placed on the areas that gets dirtiest.  

As sustainability was an important aspect in designing the new uniform, fleece sweaters are now excluded, as fleece sheds harmful plastic particles when washed. The leather belts have also been replaced by canvas belts – in addition to canvas not being an animal product, the new belts are softer, more flexible and fit more body types.