E-commerce in the Nordics – six-month report 2019

There are significant similarities between our Nordic e-commerce markets, but there are also considerable differences. That is made very clear in this half-year report.

One thing consumers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have in common is that many take sustainability into consideration when they shop for products online. More than one third of the Nordic respondents in our survey say that they always, or often, make sustainability-conscious consumption decisions online.

The share of consumers shopping from China has decreased with a few percentage points in both Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In Norway however, the group has increased in size.

Another clear difference between the markets is how the end-recipients have received their deliveries. To have picked up the latest e-commerce delivery from a parcel locker is, for instance, much more common in Denmark and Finland, than in Sweden and Norway.

Download the report and immerse yourself in the Nordic e-commerce market.

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Last updated: 10/17/2019 10:16 AM