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E-tailers fulfill consumer expectations

In 2023, it became evident that consumers have diverse preferences for delivery methods. These varying preferences set expectations for e-tailers to provide a broad range of delivery options, which significantly impacts consumers' purchasing choices.

In recent years, a growing number of consumers have been given the choice of how they want their e-purchased goods delivered. This trend is partly attributed to e-tailers offering a wider array of delivery options, as indicated by the E-barometer's findings. It is likely also influenced by the increasing adoption of e-commerce by consumers over time, prompting them to explore various delivery options to find the most suitable ones for different types of purchases.

The mere 3 percent dissatisfaction rate with recent e-purchase deliveries highlights e-tailers' successful adaptation to consumers' growing demands for flexibility and choice.

While progress has been made, it's crucial to acknowledge that there is still room for improvement. A notable 21 percent of consumers express a desire for online stores to offer more delivery options. The modern e-commerce landscape caters to diverse consumer needs and preferences. While drop-off locations were once predominant, there remains a persistent demand for greater flexibility in delivery choices.

Option is essential

When deciding which e-commerce store to patronize, most consumers prioritize the ability to choose their preferred delivery method, with women placing particular emphasis on this aspect. Flexibility in delivery options is crucial for retaining customers throughout the purchasing journey. To cater to diverse lifestyles and priorities, it's imperative to offer a broad range of delivery choices.

In recent E-barometers, it's evident that consumers prioritize both choice and reliability in deliveries, reflecting their growing expectations for e-commerce to simplify daily life. While speed matters, many prioritize reliability and are willing to wait for delivery as long as they have clear information about its arrival time.

% of consumers prioritizing delivery method

The proportion of consumers willing to pay extra for same-day delivery varies by product category, but overall, it has declined in recent years. While 22 percent of e-commerce consumers are open to paying more for same-day delivery, nearly half express a preference for receiving their goods within 2-3 days.

It's evident that flexibility and reliability are key factors in ensuring customer satisfaction with the delivery process. E-tailers can establish and sustain consumer trust by providing diverse delivery options tailored to individual preferences, coupled with dependable and reliable delivery services.

Source e-barometer 2023

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