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Jollyroom gets more satisfied customers with the Business Portal

With a range that covers everything that children may need, from pacifiers to bouncy castles, Jollyroom has quickly become the Nordic region's leading e-commerce company in children's and baby products. With around 170,000 orders a month, it is no wonder that the pressure is high on Jollyroom's customer service.

Jollyroom is not only the market leader in Sweden, but is also big in Denmark, Finland and Norway, and is aiming for expansion in several parts of Europe. The hub with head office, several warehouses and outlet is in Gothenburg, but Jollyroom also has a store in Stockholm and an office in Umeå.

In Jollyroom's customer service, roughly 100 employees work with all kinds of matters concerning orders, and previously a large part of the working time was spent answering various questions about deliveries, says Hanna Johansson, Training & Quality Manager at Jollyroom.

- Customer satisfaction is very important to us and something we work a lot with. Customers must be able to follow their delivery and be satisfied both with it and the goods they receive. Previously, it was a common request from our customers, to be able to see where their package is and to be able to follow its journey.

Automated messages save time

Jollyroom's customer service works a lot in the PostNord Business Portal, where they can follow all customer orders in detail, from the time the packages leave the warehouse until they arrive at the service point. In the Automated Messages service, there are now also expanded opportunities to work proactively with customers, which Hanna appreciates.

- Via the portal, we can constantly inform and follow the customer without them having to contact us. In the Enterprise level that we use, automated messages are sent of three different types:

  1. Risk of delay.
  2. Confirmed delay, where a tracking link is included so the customer can follow their order.
  3. Automatic reminder. It applies to packages that have not yet been picked up and the customer receives the message two days before the time expires.

Satisfied customers and environmental benefits

Since Jollyroom started using Automated Messages in the portal, customer satisfaction has increased overall. The number of questions about deliveries that customer service needs to answer has decreased, and this frees up time that the employees can spend on other things, says Hanna.

- Now we can instead spend time on development and improvement work and raise the quality of our deliveries even more, which feels very positive. From an environmental perspective, it is also a win with fewer returns because the reminder that is sent out in Automated Messages means that fewer customers than before miss picking up their parcels. The portal is very user-friendly for us at customer service; all the information we need is available there.