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The rise of e-commerce – a revolutionary phenomenon

In 2003, e-commerce had a turnover of SEK 5 billion and then constituted around 1 percent of the total retail trade. About 20 years later, in 2022, e-commerce had a turnover of SEK 136 billion. This corresponds to a growth rate of more than 2,600 percent. 

Initially, the growth in e-commerce was mainly due to new consumers starting to shop online, but in recent years the increase has mainly been due to that the existing e-commerce customers' average purchase has increased and that consumption has broadened to more product groups. International players have also won market shares and increased competition among e-retailers.

In 2003, the gap between different generations was very large, but it has decreased over time. However, it is still the younger generations who shop online the most. Over the years, the mobile phone has taken an increasingly large share as a sales channel and made e-commerce available for consumption practically anytime and everywhere.

Parcel boxes are gaining more and more market share

By offering flexible pickup times, proximity to home and minimal queuing, they have quickly become one of consumers' preferred delivery methods. It is a sector where a lot is happening, the market has not yet stabilized and several players are still trying to find their position.

More and more companies have invested in expanding their network of parcel boxes around the country, creating greater accessibility for consumers in less resorts. As the package boxes become more available, they also become more popular. Historically, a higher proportion have had their goods delivered to a parcel box in big cities than in smaller towns. In 2022, that ratio changed, albeit by a small margin. Given that many logistics players continue to expand their networks of parcel boxes, the upward trend for parcel boxes is likely to continue in 2023.


Source: The E-barometern 2022


PostNord – a partner for e-commerce

We provide distribution solutions all over the world and are the biggest and obvious partner for e-commerce in the Nordic market. We have a harmonized, Nordic logistics service offering, ranging from retail supplies and third-party logistics to product distribution and returns processing. With the widest-ranging distribution network in the Nordic region, we shrink the distance between e-commerce and the end-customer.

Using factbased customer insights, we enhance our customers’ profitability by means of communication solutions and platforms that reach the right customer in the right channel at the right time.

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