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E-commerce in Finland

Finnish e-commerce picks up during the pandemic. 

Finnish e-commerce has historically lagged somewhat behind the other Nordic countries, despite the country’s high level of digitalization. In particular, older Finns have been more skeptical about e-commerce than comparable age groups in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, the share of e-commerce has increased in Finland. For example, the percentage of people who state they shop online at least once a month has increased from 49% last year to 59% this year.


Finnish consumers stand out when it comes to delivery preferences

In most of the markets studied, home delivery is clearly the most preferred option when it comes to delivery alternatives. This is not the case in Finland. Consumers here are the only ones in the survey who hold collect myself from a parcel machine as their number one preference. Furthermore, compared to most other European online consumers, the Finns do not consider fast deliveries to be that important. They are more interested in being able to choose the place for the delivery.

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has not had the same impact on Finnish e-commerce as in the rest of Europe. 30% of Finnish e-commerce consumers said they had shopped more online because of the pandemic, which is the lowest figure in the survey, along with Denmark.


Finns are the least likely to have purchased products from marketplaces over the period. As much as 38% of Finns state they have not purchased from any of the websites in the sample. Among the others, Zalando is by far the most popular. 36% state they have shopped online from Zalando, which is twice the percentage for eBay, which came in second place.

Source: E-commerce in Europe 2021

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