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E-commerce in France

Amazon strong in the otherwise domestic e-commerce market.

In 1982, the French service Minitel was launched in France and is considered to be one of the precursors of the internet. On Minitel, users could book train tickets, make payments and write emails, as well as doing what we now call online shopping. As an internet pioneer, France today has an established online retail market and is one of the top six online retailing countries in the world.


Impact of the corona- virus pandemic

As a result of several lockdowns, France is one of the countries in Europe whose physical retail market has been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This led to a major boom in e-commerce. For example, one billion parcels were delivered in 2020, which is two hundred million more than the previous year. Overall, France’s GDP fell by around 4.3 per cent in 2020, compared with the previous year.


France has a wide range of national e-retailers and marketplaces. In terms of net sales, only Amazon is bigger than the French market participants Cdiscount, Vente-Privee and Auchan. At the beginning of the year, French President Emanuel Macron presented a new climate change bill. One thing that has given rise to debate is that the proposal makes it more difficult to asphalt empty fields. However, e-commerce giants such as Amazon are still allowed to build their warehouses on this type of land, which has upset many. Another win for Amazon, which has previously fought the French government regarding its free delivery services.

Klarna launched

Swedish fintech company Klarna launched its services in France in June 2021. The French can take advantage of Klarna’s new “Pay in 3” instalment service, which allows consumers to divide their payments into three parts – free of charge and interest-free. The service is already available in the US and the UK and has been highly appreciated. The establishment of Klarna is another sign of the fintech company’s worldwide success.

Source: E-commerce in Europe 2021

PostNord – a partner for e-commerce

We provide distribution solutions all over the world and are the biggest and obvious partner for e-commerce in the Nordic market. We have a harmonized, Nordic logistics service offering, ranging from retail supplies and third-party logistics to product distribution and returns processing. With the widest-ranging distribution network in the Nordic region, we shrink the distance between e-commerce and the end-customer.

Using factbased customer insights, we enhance our customers’ profitability by means of communication solutions and platforms that reach the right customer in the right channel at the right time.

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