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PUDO: Pick-Up Drop-Off

PUDO, which stands for Pick-Up Drop-Off, is a convenient and flexible delivery option offered by PostNord that allows customers to collect and return parcels at designated locations. These locations, known as PUDO points, are typically situated in strategic areas such as convenience stores, food stores, and other retail outlets, making them easily accessible to customers.

PUDO services offer several advantages for businesses and their customers. Firstly, they provide a convenient alternative to home delivery, allowing customers to pick up their parcels at a time and location that suits them best, eliminating the need to wait for a delivery driver or rearrange schedules. This flexibility reduces the likelihood of missed deliveries or failed attempts.

Additionally, PUDO services can help businesses reduce shipping costs and improve operational efficiency. By leveraging existing retail networks and infrastructure, we can optimize delivery routes and consolidate parcels for more efficient transportation, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, PUDO points serve as additional touchpoints for customer engagement, enabling businesses to enhance their customer experience.

Whether businesses are looking to expand their delivery options, improve customer convenience, or optimize their logistics operations, we can provide flexible and scalable PUDO services to support their goals.

By partnering with PostNord for PUDO services, businesses can benefit from reduced shipping costs, and improved operational efficiency. With our extensive network, technology, and commitment to service excellence, we help businesses to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.


Questions? Answers.

What is PUDO and how does it work?

PUDO, or Pick-Up Drop-Off, is a service offered by PostNord that allows customers to collect and return parcels at designated locations, such as convenience stores or retail outlets. Customers receive notifications when their parcel arrives at the selected PUDO point and can collect it at their convenience.

Are there any size or weight restrictions for parcels using PUDO services?

PUDO services typically have 16 compartments in three different sizes: small, medium and large. In addition, we have parcel lockers with 32 compartments with added sizes small slim and medium slim.

How do customers know where to find PUDO points for parcel collection?

Customers can easily locate PUDO points for parcel collection through our local websites or mobile app. They can search for nearby PUDO points based on their location and view details such as opening hours and services offered.

How can I integrate PUDO services into my e-commerce platform?

We offer easy integration options for PUDO services into your e-commerce platform through APIs or plugins. 

Can customers track their parcels when using PUDO services?

Yes, customers can track their parcels throughout the delivery process, including when they are ready for collection at the selected PUDO point. They receive notifications via email or SMS with tracking information and collection instructions.