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Nordic consumers embrace global online shopping trends

The latest E-commerce in the Nordics report reveals that Nordic consumers embrace the convenience and accessibility of online shopping from various countries worldwide. With a diverse array of options available, shoppers in the Nordic region are increasingly turning to international retailers to fulfill their purchasing needs.

China is now the most popular country for cross-border commerce

China is now the most popular country for crossborder e-commerce

A significant portion of Nordic consumers, approximately 23%, have recently made purchases from China, indicating the popularity of Chinese products in the region. This trend highlights the appeal of Chinese goods, ranging from clothing and footwear to home electronics and beyond.

From which countries do you shop online?

Furthermore, German retailers also hold sway in the Nordic market, with 16% of consumers opting to make their most recent purchase from Germany. Interestingly, a substantial 25% of Nordic consumers have opted to purchase from other European countries, excluding Germany. 

These insights underscore the evolving nature of e-commerce in the Nordic region, where consumers are increasingly looking beyond national borders to fulfill their shopping needs. Nordic consumers are driving the growth of global online retail, shaping the future of digital commerce in the region.


Source: E-commerce in the Nordics 2024

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