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Different payment methods in Sweden compared to the rest of Europe

In terms of preferred payment methods, Swedes differ from the inhabitants of many other European countries. Invoice payment comes first in Sweden and is preferred by as many as 31% of e-commerce consumers.

This compares, for example, with neighboring Denmark, where the corresponding figure is only 5 percent. Invoice payment is likely to be preferred, as it is perceived as more secure to receive the goods before they are paid for. It is also likely that Klarna has helped provide convenient solutions in this area, and it is possible that their expansion abroad may drive behavior in other countries as well.

Card payments have a strong position in most countries. In the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark and Spain, the majority prefer to pay by card. This payment method is also popular in Sweden, but does not dominate in the same way as abroad.

In the Nordic countries, it has recently become increasingly popular to pay for goods via mobile applications – Swish in Sweden. Similar solutions exist abroad in the form of Mobilepay (Denmark, Finland, etc.) and Vipps (Norway). In addition to the Nordic countries, this method of payment is also very big in the Netherlands, primarily via the Ideal service.


Source: The E-barometern annual report 2021

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