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Outdoor life on the rise during the pandemic

The year 2020 has been a turbulent year for sports retail. Somne products and segments have been very strong, while others have not shown equally good results.

The total full-year growth online amounted to 38 percent, which is an increase of SEK 1.4 billion compared with the previous year. This year’s keyword was social distancing, and it has affected how we play sports and how we consume sports related products. In the early stages of the pandemic, many people were at home. Some gym chains closed, and the home gym with weights and yoga mats became a hit. Home sports products have also run out at many retailers. When hopes were dashed of a holiday abroad during the summer months, interest in the outdoors and golfing took off instead. Team sports have had it tough during the year. Sports training and matches have been canceled, at least during certain periods. The demand for new soccer boots or sportswear is consequently not the same.


As for the future, there are indications that the coronavirus pandemic has established a new baseline regarding e-commerce. More people have been forced to shop online, which has broadened the e-tailers’ consumer base. More people have also discovered that it is possible to buy products online that they may not have purchased online before, which has increased the product breadth.

Source: The E-barometern annual report 2020

We help e-commerce businesses to reach their goals 

At PostNord, we continue to develop our services in line with consumer wishes. We relentlessly continue our journey towards improving our products and services to meet the needs of recipients, relieving you of the burden of dealing with incoming goods, warehousing, pick and pack, and distribution to stores.

We offer returns management systems to handle returned goods, packaging and hangers from store to wholesaler and coordinate deliveries of clothes with deliveries of shoes when appropriate. If you are operating an e-commerce business, we have flexible solutions and established systems to manage the large volume of returns often involved when your customers can try products at home with free returns.

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