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Inclusion & Diversity Initiatives

New arrivals boost diversity in the team

When we take on interns from a different background than those that already exist in the team, we contribute to society. Additional perspectives in the working group make it easier to identify customers’ various needs, to develop business opportunities and to improve profitability even further.

One of PostNord’s sustainability goals is to unleash the power of diversity. This is achieved in various ways within the Group. Sweden, for example, runs the Jobbsprånget program, through which newly arrived academics can take internships at a company to introduce them to the Swedish labor market.

Thus far this year, the Group functions have taken on three interns over the course of four months: two at Group IT and one at Group Legal & Staff Functions. One of them has since extended the internship by two months, and one has been offered a full-time position.

Helen Ridger works at Brand & Communication and was a mentor to one of the interns. The primary objective was to have the chance to help someone who needed experience of working life in Sweden.

“The intern was well educated, so we focused on helping her to learn how to use various tools that would come in useful when she applied for work later on. But it’s a real win-win situation: the intern quickly leaned SharePoint Modern and then shared her newly acquired skills with the other members of the team.”