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Inclusion & Diversity Initiatives

“Sneha made a contribution from the start”

The Digital unit at PostNord had a lot of work to do and saw the Jobbsprånget program as an opportunity to bring in a skilled person who could make a direct contribution to the business. At the same time, the move would give a newcomer with an academic degree work experience at a major Swedish company. 

When Sneha’s husband landed a job at a telecom company in Sweden, the Indian couple moved to Gothenburg in 2013. She immediately started to learn Swedish, but it was tough to find a job. Sneha had studied communication, media and advertising in India, and she had also worked in marketing. She therefore decided to follow the same direction in Sweden, attending Hjälmared folk high school in Alingsås. Following an internship in the field of creative design, Sneha tried to find a full-time job, but it was easier said than done. In many cases, companies did not even respond to her applications.

“So I enrolled in a Marketing & Sales Analytics program at IHM Business School and completed it in May 2018. With my new qualification, I found an internship at Carat where I worked with campaigns, Google Analytics, media strategies and planning − which brought me my first full-time job in Sweden! As Digital Media Specialist at Right Thing United. Then the coronavirus pandemic broke out, and I was out of work again,” says Sneha.

Eric Östlund is Growth Team Lead at Digital, Group IT. The unit had a lot of work to do and saw the Jobbsprånget program as an opportunity to bring in a skilled person who could make an immediate contribution to the business. At the same time, it is a real bonus to bring in people who are otherwise finding it hard to carve out a foothold on the Swedish labor market.

“Sneha was an excellent match for us and made a contribution from the start. The work in our department involves experimenting and analyzing customers’ digital behavior. We perform measurements using a variety of web tools and our aim is to launch multiple tests every week. Now that there are more of us in the office, we can make more progress in our work more quickly,” says Eric.

Everything is running really well, even though it is quite a challenge not to be able to meet in person.

“The team’s based in Stockholm, while Sneha is in Gothenburg. But we can’t justify bringing her all the way here right now, so it’s full-time remote working for the moment. On the other hand, it does mean that she has the chance to own and take full responsibility for the project she’s running. Sneha’s job is to deliver dashboards for our product owners’ most important measurement figures,” explains Eric, who adds that it is very much a question of maturity, both as regards the workplace and the people who are working to make things happen.

Sneha hopes that her skills and experience made a valuable contribution, and says that she’s learned a lot at PostNord.

“PostNord is an absolute dream to work for! Because the company is so big, I’ve had the chance to work with different teams. Eric, my mentor at Digital, is also really cool,” she concludes.

SnehaEric Östlund