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About us


The Group's division into segments is primarily based on the companies' geographical domicile, plus the segments PostNord Strålfors, PostNord TPL and PostNord International, which are controlled and coordinated according to the nature of their operations.

The segments are:

  • PostNord Sweden
  • PostNord Denmark
  • PostNord Norway
  • PostNord Finland
  • PostNord Strålfors
  • PostNord TPL
  • PostNord International

The group functions are Finance, Nordic Strategy & Solutions, Legal & Staff functions, and IT.

Group Leadership Team

The Group Leadership Team are represented by these business units and group functions:


PostNord Accelerate include PostNord Strålfors and PostNord TPL. PostNord International include PostNord Germany, Direct Link and Worldwide Connect. In the Group Leadership Team, the Group CEO represents PostNord Finland.

More about our organization

Board of Directors

The Board decides on strategies and targets and makes decisions on major investments, acquisitions and divestment of operations. 

Group Leadership Team

The PostNord Group Leadership Team represent different parts of the organization. Annemarie Gardshol is the Group CEO.