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Tracking Tracking

Issue 1, 2022

"We have to stop relying on our gut feeling"

Netflix and Spotify analyze your history and make suggestions that are so accurate that you wonder if they're able to read your mind. 

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We care for the environment

Geothermal heating is used to heat the premises, and energy-efficient lighting is powered by green electricity. The new terminal in Tampere is helping PostNord become fossil-free.

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Spit it out!

The job is challenging, both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, the employees are thriving. What’s their secret? 

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Teaming up for greater customer satisfaction

How do you keep the customers satisfied? It's the tough nut PostNord has to crack. In Denmark, employees already have the nutcrackers in full swing. 

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The terminal’s best friend

There’s one thing that is absolutely indispensable at a terminal. It runs on four wheels and can carry heavy loads. The team in Denmark will soon receive 14,500 new ones, and Allan is taking care of it all. 

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