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People by PostNord – a magazine about us who make everyday life easier

The PostNord Group consists of fantastic employees. In the magazine People by PostNord, a number of them provide information about their background, why they are passionate about their jobs and what helps them relax when they are away from work.

People by PostNord is issued two times a year, in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English. It is delivered to the homes of the majority of the Group’s employees.

Award winning magazine

The magazine has won silver in the prestigious design award Svenska Designpriset twice, and silver in the Swedish Publishing Award. We are also nominated the International Content Marketing Awards 2021. Read more


Issue 2, 2022

Creating a colleague

Even though Niva can answer an unlimited number of calls, she doesn’t ever get tired of dealing with upset customers. And not only does she provide support to customers contacting PostNord – but also to those working in customer service.

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On a mission for zero emissions

PostNord has committed to an ambitious plan: zero emissions in last-mile transport by 2027. An essential component of reaching this goal is to replace vehicles run on fossil fuels with electric vehicles. But making the right decisions about future investments requires intelligent planning and testing of equipment. 

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Sound of silence

Driver Johan Söderlund had an important mission: to test-drive the new electric truck. And yes, there were many skeptics at Årsta Lastbil, Stockholm. For one thing, what if the battery died? Three months later, everyone agrees: electric trucks are the future! 

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“It feels like we’re making a difference”

We got the news just one day before: starting from tomorrow, we will send emergency aid parcels to Ukraine, free of charge. It all kicked off the next day – luckily we’re fairly used to quickly adapting to new things, and this was something completely new that we had to get done. And fast.

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Articles from earlier issues

"We have to stop relying on our gut feeling"

Netflix and Spotify analyze your history and make suggestions that are so accurate that you wonder if they're able to read your mind. 

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The terminal that cares for the environment

Geothermal heating is used to heat the premises, and energy-efficient lighting is powered by green electricity. The new terminal in Tampere is helping PostNord become fossil-free.

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Spit it out!

The job is challenging, both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, the employees are thriving. What’s their secret? 

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Teaming up for greater customer satisfaction

How do you keep the customers satisfied? It's the tough nut PostNord has to crack. In Denmark, employees already have the nutcrackers in full swing. 

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The terminal’s best friend

There’s one thing that is absolutely indispensable at a terminal. It runs on four wheels and can carry heavy loads. The team in Denmark will soon receive 14,500 new ones, and Allan is taking care of it all. 

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“We won’t achieve the goal by snapping our fingers” 

The machine removes unnecessary air out of parcels. This could help to cut the number of truck journeys by 100 per year.

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“We’re developing the optimal bicycle”

New electric cargo bikes will halve the number of diesel vehicle transports driving to depots in Danish towns and cities.

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Arne is a trendspotter

What Arne Andersson doesn’t know about e-commerce isn’t worth knowing. He's always on the look out for future trends. Here are three of them.

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Pauliina is bringing Finland its own parcel network

Amid increasing competition, PostNord Finland is investing in its own distribution points.

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Why do companies need a strategy? 

The word means “the art of waging war”, but are we really talking about battle planning? We asked Robert Gorosch to explain PostNord’s strategy. 

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Cows and pigs in the fuel tank

In 2020 PostNord Denmark started using a new type of diesel, made from waste products from slaughtered animals. In 2020 alone, the move has seen PostNord cutting carbon emissions by close to an additional 3,000 tonnes.

”It feels modern and innovative”

There are several benefits of learning through virtual reality (VR). The training period is often shorter, and you don’t have to depend on colleagues to learn new things. In addition, muscle memory and cognitive ability are trained.

Four shades of blue

Why do you regard some brands as being youthful and forward looking, while others look tired and stale? The businesses might be selling exactly the same thing, but the feel you get is completely different. It's about color, design, and tone of voice.

“We change the entire company structure”

PostNord Strålfors is becoming a digital product and service company. This involves our changing the entire structure of the company.

Parcels on track!

In 2020, PostNord Finland trialed new technology for time-optimized home deliveries. The new function is expected to be launched in Finland in 2021, and similar projects are underway throughout the Group.

The oracle in Kastrup

Nikolaj Settnes helps PostNord see into the future. “A good algorithm can be delectable, maybe even a bit sexy.”

Ersin is 100%

Nothing motivates Ersin Özkan as much as a screen full of numbers. This has been proven with one hundred percent certainty.

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No robot

“I love talking and getting to know new people.”


Jimcaale Abdillahi could put a robot to shame.

“We knew that we could help out”

How Strålfors produced 36,000 protective visors for the healthcare sector in just a few weeks.

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“We just try to help out”

Positive problem-solvers with a sense of service and feel for social media. 

Tenfold increase in record time

In a locked-down Norway, the need for deliveries quickly increased. PostNord decided to meet the needs with an offensive strategy.

Everyday heroes of the coronavirus spring

For PostNord Finland, the virus spring resulted in an increase in assignments related to healthcare deliveries. 

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“I love dancing to Slayer”

Chugga-chugga-chugga. That’s how Toni Laakkonen from Uleåborg describes the music of his band Deliriuminated.

“Always a melody in my head”

Sofie Randrup Mouritsen has the lead role in a customer service department that could just as easily be a musical.

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